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"This might be really strange but I look forward to our morning stand-ups with the team."
Charbel Ghossain, Senior Engineer
"On the day-to-day we know the impact of every project we’ve done so far."
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Morgan Faget, Senior Engineer

Chartboost Engineering Roles


About Chartboost

Chartboost empowers app creators to build successful global mobile businesses. They are looking for individuals who are willing to challenge the status quo and join their vision of creating the world’s most trusted and top performing mobile programmatic platform.

Built for developers, by developers.

They put developers at the center of what they do, they are transparent, they foster learning and growing and they get things done. They want to surround themselves with people that they admire and can have fun with.

They’re redefining in-app monetization and advertising

They are honoured to work with 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android developers. Since launch, they have paid out hundreds of millions to developers worldwide and are proud to continue supporting such a diverse and passionate community of mobile app entrepreneurs.

Chartboost is the leading in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform. Reaching a global audience of over 700 million monthly active users and processing over 90 billion monthly advertising auctions. The Chartboost SDK is one the most widely integrated mobile ad SDKs and through the Chartboost Exchange, Ad Network, DSP and other services, they empower mobile app developers to build businesses, while connecting advertisers to highly engaged audiences.

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