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"I love that I get to work on some really unique projects with an incredibly talented team."
Tasha - Head of Cyber Security
"There is a great emphasis on learning and development at Moonpig, meaning I am continually stretching myself to ensure I grow & reach my full potential. I love working across the full stack we have here."
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Yusuf Chowdhury, Developer

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About Moonpig

Join MoonPig on their journey to becoming the ultimate gifting companion

At Moonpig the mission is simple, to help people connect and create moments that matter.

They’re an international group made up of two brilliant brands – Moonpig in the UK, US and Australia, and Greetz in the Netherlands.

At heart they are a technology platform, which is very clear to anyone who has every used them. The their customers they are the leading eCommerce destination for greetings cards, gifts and flowers. Last year they delivered more personalised cards, gifts and flower bouquets than ever before, helping their customers celebrate all the occasions that matter to them, from milestone birthdays and anniversaries to new arrivals and all of those just-becauses. In addition, Moonpig Group recently achieved ‘Unicorn’ status in one of the biggest tech IPOs of 2021, making the FTSE 250 index of leading companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market cap of £1.5 billion. Not too shabby at all...

I found Moonpig especially useful during peak COVID restrictions as I could send amazing cards to family for special occasions without having to risk breaking lock down rules or make a risky trip out to the supermarket or card shop.

Thanks Moonpig!

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