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As a self taught developer who came in the side door to this career I know how lonely the journey can be. For years I was the only person I knew who could code and I had no idea if I was on the right path or out in the wilderness making things up as I went along!

With 15 years of experience writing code and launching apps and services, I've got a wealth of experience you can draw upon, technical and otherwise.

If you're looking to:

  • πŸ‘ learn to code
  • πŸ‘ get that next promotion
  • πŸ‘ land your first developer job
  • πŸ‘ be the best junior developer at your company
  • πŸ‘ or simply work through a really tricky problem you’re stuck on

Then one-on-one mentoring with me is your answer.

I've helped thousands of developers in all of these areas with my Instagram account, podcast, books, one-on-one time and I can help you to.

Become a better developer a mentor
Mentoring can come in many forms:
  • βœ… Following someone on Instagram or Twitter
  • βœ… Reading blogs and listening to podcasts
  • βœ… Buying someone's books and implementing their frameworks
  • βœ… High value one on one sessions
You need to choose what type works best for you.
What does one-on-one mentoring include?
Each session will
  • βœ… be a 1 hour long video call
  • βœ… be as frequent as you need or like
  • βœ… focus on whatever aspect of your developer journey needs attention
  • βœ… arm you with approaches and frameworks that last throughout your career
Technical areas I can fix
I can help you with
  • βœ… Frontend: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, React, Angular, NextJS, Ionic
  • βœ… Backend: NestJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, WebSockets, SQL
  • βœ… Backend-as-a-Service: Firebase and Supabase
  • βœ… General programming concepts, 15 years of experience and 12 languages means I've got it covered

If in doubt email me first on simon@careerswitchtocoding.com

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you teach me to code?
Yes! However a better use of our time would be showing you more cost effective resources and building a sustainable plan for you. This could easily be achieved in 2 sessions
Can you do my assignment?
Yes but I won’t πŸ˜€ Assignments are the way we learn, it’s how we solidify concepts and leave tutorial hell.
Ok, can you help with my assignment?
Yes! That would be an excellent use of the time, come prepared with what you need help with and I can guide you and help with any missing knowledge or understanding.
Can you get me a job?
Yes, I can look at your current job search approach and make significant improvements to your tactics, strategy and the way you are presenting yourself to companies.
How long is a session?
60 minutes but we can overrun a few minutes if needs be, any longer though and we will start to run out of energy.
How many years experience do you have as a developer?
15 years, I launched my first website in 2007 and since then have released 5 apps to iOS, built over 20 websites and web apps and worked on data science platforms, large retails systems and in EduTech.
What qualifications do you have?
I have a Bachelors and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic engineering.
Why are you charging for this?
One-on-one sessions with industry leading professionals is the fastest way to change your life and develop your career. In these sessions I can be 100% focussed on solving your specific problems so that you can move your career forwards in the quickest and most effective way possible. Free content is amazing, and I make a tonne of it, but you have to workout how to apply that to your unique situation, with a one-on-one session I can save you that time.
Here's some of the people I've helped
Jordan Barrand head shot

Simon helped a lot when I was looking for my first developer role, I needed guidance on how to word my CV and what I should look out for in interviews!

I don’t think I would have gotten a job within 6 weeks without his help

Fernanda Bitencourt head shot

I met Simon through his blog, at the time I was very anxious about starting to send out cvs whether I was ready or not, so when an article on his blog made me wonder, if a Senior developer like Simon is talking about what the market expect from junior developers I feel much calmer, after that I started talking to Simon he supported me when I was about to do an interview with tips and guidance and in the same process he directed me in my test I am very grateful for his help and without a doubt he is a great developer and person.

Conor head shot

It’s been a year since I first connected with Simon and straight away his insights and advice were key to helping me explore a new opportunity in the tech space and ultimately securing the the job offer I needed to break away from a role I had been feeling trapped in for the previous six years.

These days Simons content is still helping me move closer to my goal of transitioning into a developer role as I continue my learning to code journey by helping me plan my resume and portfolio and helping me know what to expect in the application and interviewing processes.

Mauro Garcia head shot

Whether you are just starting with coding or if you have 20 years of experience, Simon's posts will always leave you thinking about something you didn't consider before.

His content covers tons of different topics like tools, tech tips, setup, reflections (my favorites) and has helped me keep my motivation going on tough days. I can't recommend it enough.

Also, he is a truly nice guy, but please, don't DM him just to say "Hi". πŸ˜‚

Cassio Fortunato head shot

I started following Simon because of the legitimacy of the content he was posting. Simple, useful and applicable realistic tips based on experience acquired through his extensive career.

I continue to follow Simon because the quality of his posts continues to improve and impress as his follower's counter goes up, instead of becoming more generic as it often happens with your everyday influencer.

And to be completely honest, I want to succeed in a software development career, and probably without even noticing, Simon already played a huge part in it.

Sanchit Suggala head shot

I came across allthecode via Instagram reels and found the content to be quite handy yet bite sized.

Hearing from someone who has undergone the process is better than other content out there

Jovi head shot

Simon is really helpful and always gives solid and useful advice. He has a lot of experience and knows what he's talking about.

Would definitely recommend Simon to anyone at any stage of their coding, whether complete beginner or hunting for their first role!

Adam Powell head shot

This book has given me so much more confidence in navigating the job market that I’m actually looking forward to job hunting once I finish my portfolio

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