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Hi, I'm Simon

I'm a full time independent software developer. I teach people how to code and how to get a developer job.

To enable me to help as many new developers as possible I work with brands and companies on a number of areas:

1. Technical Writing

I've written extensively for EETimes and on a variety of topics, from developer and engineering careers to project examples and technical deep dives. Some of my most recent work is listed below:

2. Sponsored Content

Sponsoring some of my content is a great way to get your message in front of a large audience of developers. My full media kit details social media, newsletter and podcast engagement, in summary though sponsoring content with me can gains you access to:

3. Job Listings

If you have lots of open positions for software developers then my job board is just the place for you to access a new and engaged audience. I only work with companies that hire developers regularly so if you fall into that category and would like to discuss a 6 or 12 month placement on All The Code jobs then get in touch and I'll build you an amazing company showcase.

4. Technical Consultation

I have 15 years of web developer, product and start up experience. While I don't take on contact coding work I am able to advise technical strategy, hiring developers, architectural decisions and technical product analysis. If you need expert help then contact me and we can explore options.

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