30 Developer Portfolio Project Ideas

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It's hard to know what projects to make when trying to flesh out your portfolio, often we get caught up thinking it needs to be something unique. Projects need to be small, complete and functional, making your own take on any of these well trodden paths would be a great project for your portfolio. Each idea has a suggested rough tech stack you could use but in reality you could make all of these in pretty much any technology.

  1. Straw Poll Web App - React, NestJS
  2. Pokedex - Angular, PokeApi.co
  3. Weather App - SwiftUI, openweathermap.org/api
  4. Tweet Scheduler - JS/HTML/CSS and Supabase
  5. Workout creator- Kotlin, Android
  6. Timer Web App - React
  7. Reminders text message - Vue, Twilio
  8. Crypto Tracker - Angular, ExpressJS
  9. Chat Web App - React, socket.io, NestJS
  10. File Uploader Plugin - Angular, Ruby
  11. IMDB Ratings Scraper - HTML/CSS, Python
  12. Egg Timer - HTML/CSS, JS, CapacitorJS
  13. Meme Maker - UIKit, Swift
  14. Colour Picker App from Camera - Flutter, Dart
  15. Tax Calculator - Angular
  16. Slack Plugin - JS
  17. Shopify Theme - NodeJS, React, GraphQL
  18. Wordpress Plugin - HTML/CSS, JS, PHP
  19. Instagram Post Maker - Kotlin, Android
  20. Todo List CLI App - Python
  21. Notes App - UIKit, AppKit
  22. Flash Card App - SwiftUI
  23. GitHub Timeline - Vue
  24. Conway's Game Of Life - HTML/CSS, JS
  25. Expenses Tracker - React, Electron
  26. Currency Converter - React
  27. Clone an App - same tech
  28. URL Shortener - HTML/CSS, JS, Lavarel
  29. Mine Sweeper - PhaserJS
  30. Habit Tracker - Swift, UIKIt
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