Top 5 Udemy Courses

There are 204,000 courses on Udemy, most of them suck, here's the top 5 that don't and that can change your life.

Simon Barker

SSG vs SSR vs SPA: What Does It All Mean?

Learning web development isn't just about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No, it's also about understanding how the web works and, to a certain extent what got us here. There has been a real push in the last couple of years to bring back and rely on some older, core technologies of the web. Let's take a look at them.

Simon Barker

Setting Up WeatherKit REST API In NodeJS

WeatherKit is Apple's new weather data service, announced at WWDC 2022 it is the their answer to privacy focussed weather data. Not only have they created this for use in native iOS Swift apps but they have also created a REST API so that web developers are able to access it as well. Let's make a sample app to test it.

Simon Barker

Ultimate Web Developer Terminal Setup

As a web developer your terminal is a core part of you toolkit. I recently had to reformat my Mac and that meant I had to setup my terminal again from scratch. I could have pieced it together from a back up but I thought it would be a good opportunity to start over and see what's changed in the years since I last did this.

Simon Barker

What is Docker?

No matter where you are in your web development journey, there is a strong chance you have heard of Docker. Docker has grown from humble beginnings, as an internal tool for a web hosting company, to becoming a core tenant of modern web development. But, what is Docker?

Simon Barker

How Long To Learn Web Development?

How long to learn web development is a question I get asked a lot. In my view you can learn web development in 6 months. Of course it depends on your starting point and existing time commitments. But, with commitment and finding time each day it can be done, even for a complete beginner.

Simon Barker

How Can I Learn To Code For Free?

There are lots of ways to learn to code for free. From local bootcamps that don't charge you to online self paced courses. If you want to learn to code for free then here are my top 5 place to learn to code for free 😃

Simon Barker

Software Engineer Personality: 5 Traits For A Great Career

You’ve decided you want to be a software engineer. You’re looking at languages, you're thinking about courses and you're excited about that future developer job and amazing career … the salary isn’t bad either 🤑 You're wondering, though … Do I have what it takes to be a developer? 🤔

Simon Barker

How Long Does It Take To Get A Computer Science Degree?

A computer science degree is a great way to start a career in the tech industry. But with so many different programs and schools to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you and just how long will it take? And what are the alternatives?

Simon Barker

8 Tips for Computer Science Graduates to Get Their First Job

Congratulations! You've completed your computer science degree, this is a huge accomplishment and you should be super proud of yourself. Now is the time to kick back, relax and let the job offers roll in, right?

Simon Barker
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