Skills required to be a full stack developer: a checklist

Skills required to be a full stack developer: a checklist cover image

The skills list required to be a full stack developer is long and it can be hard to know exactly what skills you need and to what level before you starting looking for a job. The often shared online resource for this kind of thing is but, while I am sure the authors mean well, I actually think the amount covered here is too much to be helpful to new developers. So, I have my own list, it’s a bare minimum required skills list and it looks like this:

Absolutely required items are in bold.

Being full stack is not about being an expert in all of these, it is about knowing enough to get a system up and running, being able to search for the right things on Google and have a sensible conversation with someone who is an expert in their respective areas. You need to be a good, well rounded developer but you don’t need to be expert in every field!

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