The best coding podcasts to listen to become a better developer

The best coding podcasts to listen to become a better developer cover image

In our time starved lives it can be hard to find the time to study and practice programming every day. When you’ve got a day crammed full of chores, a long drive or you simply can’t face more time at the keyboard sit back, relax and get your daily does of coding from some of these amazing podcasts instead.


This is by far my favourite coding podcast, friendly hosts, diverse topics and extremely informative. CodingBlocks isn’t afraid to dive into the weeds on a topic and even spread it out over multiple episodes if needs be, these aren’t just quick hits and hot takes - they are in it for the long haul.

2. Under The Radar

“A show about independent iOS app development” It’s been years since I released a native iOS app but the topics covered here are relevant to anyone interested in making iOS apps, be it with web technologies or Swift. Both of the hosts have had an active App Store presence since the first day of the store so, what they don’t know about iOS app development probably isn’t worth knowing!

3. Code Newbie

When taking your first steps into the world of code it’s nice to have a helping hand to guide your journey, hear stories from people just like you and how they navigated the early part of their careers with this excellent podcast. Running over 17 seasons there is plenty to get into.

4. HTML All The Things

Much more than just HTML, this show covers topics for all levels and isn’t afraid to go against the grain, pushing back against the latest hotness in the JavaScript world where needed and stepping back with a more nuanced point of view.

5. Tabs and Spaces

This is a fun podcast that really feels like listening to three friends chatting at the pub, interviews and deep dives on topics that all developers care about, this is well worth putting into your rotation.

6. All The Code

Have you subscribed to the CSTC podcast yet? If not subscribe to hear interviews with amazing seasoned devs and those just starting out.

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