30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 10: Higher Order Functions Part 1

Wrap up

Let's take a pause for today, this is massive day and I initially had it as one day but the more people I spoke to and shared the beta of the course with, the more people said that this needed to be two days. As there are just so many functions to get to grips with.

Take some time to go back over the examples and modify them, get used to the syntax and the shape of the functions and what they do.

Tomorrow we will finish off the rest of these functions.

Time for a quiz

It good to test your knowledge just after learning something new, it solidifies the connections in your mind and identifies any areas that you should go back over.

The Pro version of 30 Days of JavaScript comes with a 10 question multiple choice quiz at the end of each day, if you want to take these quizzes (and get a host of other Pro features) then consider:

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