30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 30: React

Lesson 0: Intro

I have mentioned a few times in this course that a good amount of JavaScript development relies on frameworks to handle the boring, repetitive tasks for us.

Well today I'm going to introduce you to the most popular frontend framework, React. Well ok, really it's a library but in this case it's a difference without distinction in my opinion.

React deals with 99% of the heavy lifting for updating the user interface and basically removes all need for direct DOM manipulation - which as you may have noticed lands up being most of our JavaScript code!

React allows us to write is declarative user interfaces. We basically set the state (data) for our application and then React updates the DOM for us. We of course still need to write the code that shows that UI, however what we don't need to do is keep everything in sync manually - React has some magic under the hood to do that for us 😀


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