30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 24: Banish Boredom

Lesson 0: Intro

Welcome to your first multi day project! You're 3 weeks into this journey at this point (or longer if you took your time) and it's finally time to make a project that will take more than a day to make.

In my continued quest to give you the most practical and useful knowledge, we are going to jump straight into using an API and make network request.

We are going to make a site called "Banish Boredom" that uses The Bored API to help our uses come up with ideas of things to do.

We will have a big button that the user clicks, we fetch a random activity from The Bored API, show it on the screen and give the user the option to like it, or dismiss the idea and get a new one. If they like it we will save it to local storage and show it in a list.

Here's what it will look like

Banish Boredom App screenshot


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