30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 24: Banish Boredom

Wrap up

So far we have made half the app, we can click "Love it", refresh the page, see a new activity and the saved ones.

Tomorrow we will look at:

  • Deleting activities
  • Making the UI update when we press "Love it"

Before wrapping up for the day, lets do some minor house keeping.

onBoredClicked is called in 4 places and with that name only one of them makes sense. Please re-name it fetchNewActivity BUT make it so that the function called when the 'BORED' button is clicked is still called onBoredClicked - this will require you to make a new function called fetchNewActivity and call that from within onBoredClicked.

Time for a quiz

It good to test your knowledge just after learning something new, it solidifies the connections in your mind and identifies any areas that you should go back over.

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