30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 26: Making a PokeDex

Lesson 0: Intro

Welcome to your next project, today we are going to make a PokeDex with the following features:

  • Loads Pokemon from the amazing PokeAPI in groups of 20
  • Displays little cards for each Pokemon
  • Displays a modal when a card is clicked
  • Shows a graph of the Pokemon's 6 status using ChartJS
  • Compares 2 pokemon at the same time

Some of this will be vary familiar to you but there are two new things in here:

  • How to load a modal
  • How to use a third party library

This is what we are working towards over the next few days

The main PokeDex list.

All The Pokemon PokeDex screen shot 1

The modal pop up showing more detail and a comparison to another selected Pokemon.

All The Pokemon PokeDex screen shot 2

Let's get to it!


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