30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 15: DOM Manipulation

Lesson 2: Live Server

To make our life a lot easier we will be using a free VSCode plugin called Live Server. This allows us to create a web server to host our web pages with minimal effort ... and get live reload when you hit save.

Install it by searching for Live Server in the extension marketplace or just clicking the link above and clicking Install.

Once installed you will see a new item in your status bar (the bar across the bottom of your VSCode window) that says "Go Live". It looks like this:

Live server Go Live button

If this button is missing then make sure that the Live Server extension is installed and enabled.

If you click this you will get a web server running on your machine at this address that will server whatever "website" it can from the current folder/directory you have open in VSCode.

I put "website" in quotes because a website is really just an index.html file inside a folder that a web server is looking at.

So, with that in mind, let's make a website.


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