30 Days Of JavaScript

Day 11: Higher Order Functions Part 2

Wrap up

Woohoo, that's higher order functions done.

This was a big couple of days and if you broke it up over a few days then that's totally fine.

This is the guide to higher order functions that I wish I had when learning about them. My aim was to make it long enough to provide all the details that you really need to understand, but not so long that you get bogged down here forever. Hopefully I got it about right 😬

Time for a quiz

It good to test your knowledge just after learning something new, it solidifies the connections in your mind and identifies any areas that you should go back over.

The Pro version of 30 Days of JavaScript comes with a 10 question multiple choice quiz at the end of each day, if you want to take these quizzes (and get a host of other Pro features) then consider:

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